‘Write What You Know’? What do I know?

I’m a smatterer. A dilettante. What about you? Turns out, this is helpful to an analogist—and being an analogist may be essential to being an author. When younger, I disliked the idea of a smatterer. Continue reading ‘Write What You Know’? What do I know?

I Dissipate Lightly

It is far, far too likely that having a center isn’t for me. I dissipate lightly, as of noisome gasses loosed from my skin. Did he enter somehow, through some crevice? Had I known, I Continue reading I Dissipate Lightly

Wrong Path

This is a response to L.E. Henderson’s post ‘The Anatomy of an Epiphany’ http://passionatereason.com/2016/10/the-anatomy-of-an-epiphany/: Again, thank you, L.E. Henderson, for your post. I thought about what you said about me maybe someday blogging about my Continue reading Wrong Path

Are We Good for God?

I recently enjoyed a post by Cliff Hays titled “On the Existence of God and Evil” (http://cliffhays.weebly.com/blog/on-the-existence-of-god-and-evil), and it prompted this contribution: When good means benevolence (good will) and evil means malevolence (bad will), a Continue reading Are We Good for God?

If I May Introduce Myself: A Paranormal-Science-Fiction Author

I’m getting the sense I ought to explain ‘what’s my thing’: Because I’m new and there are so many of us, readers may not know what to expect from me and may be leery of Continue reading If I May Introduce Myself: A Paranormal-Science-Fiction Author

The Perfect Day for Doom (A Dream)

The creak of a rowboat. A splash of oars. My eyes open and flutter in the glare off shallow-trough waves. The water is funneled through this local inlet, pooling under the Old Bridge, as they Continue reading The Perfect Day for Doom (A Dream)

Goodnight All

I’ve grown wary of the barely black button. So I’ll make it with circus ties and dry seasons, belly-up lies and carousels. The ministers of fucking aeronautics have declared mistletoe failure, and throughout the workings Continue reading Goodnight All

The Secha

The Secha A sci-fi novelette with a touch of horror. Available for Kindle, “The Secha” portrays a pivotal moment in the life of a human held captive on an alien world dominated by insects. Loyal Continue reading The Secha

Taking It This Far: Author Insights #2

Make no mistake, no matter how much talent we have, development is the name of the game if we’re to maximize our potential. I like to think of it as a lifelong directive. In Part Continue reading Taking It This Far: Author Insights #2

Preamble to a Reckoning

“By law, we’re all equally entitled to have–and share–our opinions. Quality is rare. Context matters: Who’s speaking, and why.” Who and why… Children of war huddle in wallows, then die: “Who hates us, Mama? But Continue reading Preamble to a Reckoning