Back to Mother

“It’s time we got back to mother,” said the mave, his low voice an added heaviness to the rough-hewn hall. Like a frayed silk cocoon, his hoary beard caught against the coarse texture of his Continue reading Back to Mother

The Perfect Day for Doom

A rowboat’s creak. The splash of oars. My eyes open and flutter in the glare off shallow-trough waves. The water is funneled through this local inlet, pooling under the Old Bridge, as they say. It’s Continue reading The Perfect Day for Doom

The Parable of the Kitty

“Where have you gone off to?” said the father, a widower, as he opened Lilly’s door. There on the bed sat Lilly, sucking on her thumb, her pink taffeta dress spread like an Elizabethan ruff. Continue reading The Parable of the Kitty