I’m fine. Are you fine?

At present, my loved ones are safe and sound. We’re stocked up. Still, like many of us, I’ve had a difficult time settling on what to say in the midst of all this. I’ve spoken Continue reading I’m fine. Are you fine?

One Got Away in the Night

He stands on a hill. From under his cape of skins, a whorl of musk, a whiff of lanolin that has tipped towards the rancid. Damp from dew, his wet wool. Heat under there, samovar Continue reading One Got Away in the Night


On the shimmering sand near old Metallic House, he caught grains between sensitive inner fingers. It had been a long haul of the form. His body’s fur curled about in strands. He was only as Continue reading (evolution)

Self-Tamed (a true story about how a mind is a funny thing)

It was not what I expected after such a long period of trying to be deliberate. And it was only a small insight. But it made me laugh out loud, happy to know my brain Continue reading Self-Tamed (a true story about how a mind is a funny thing)

Regret on the Morning After

Her eyes are lidless, And the joy of life has left me: Those hesitant beats dinning in my ears come too late. Strands of her hair sway in the morning zephyrs ———And salted sunshine I, Continue reading Regret on the Morning After

Floating Yellow Kitchens

It will have to be a short one. Tax season has ended. What I miss most but also found the most exhausting were the conversations. All those talks with my cherished co-workers, with oh-so-much idle Continue reading Floating Yellow Kitchens

Devil, Stand By (a villanelle)

If you’ve no new trick to stay the hand of man, You, poor Devil, have run your course, stepped to your bounds— Let sea and sand blast what they can. I say, engorge with dread Continue reading Devil, Stand By (a villanelle)

Whilst I Wait

Expired and lazy hands become more supple, fixed in a sinewy shade…. Unquiet, umbra-earth drones and fondles my darkling hands.

I Dissipate Lightly

It is far, far too likely that having a center isn’t for me. I dissipate lightly, as of noisome gasses loosed from my skin. Did he enter somehow, through some crevice? Had I known, I Continue reading I Dissipate Lightly

Goodnight All

I’m wary of the barely black button. So I’ll make it with circus ties and dry seasons, belly-up lies, and carousels The ministers of fucking aeronautics declare mistletoe failure —and through the workings of daylight Continue reading Goodnight All