Back to Mother

“It’s time we got back to mother,” said the mave, his low voice an added heaviness to the rough-hewn hall. Like a frayed silk cocoon, his hoary beard caught against the coarse texture of his Continue reading Back to Mother

Hexagons, Death, and Tea

I’ve been watching The Code again (Netflix), which at one point talks about how imaginary numbers have been integral to describing the nature of dark energy. And this question came to me: What does it Continue reading Hexagons, Death, and Tea

Are We Good for God?

I recently enjoyed a post by Cliff Hays titled “On the Existence of God and Evil” (, and it prompted this contribution: When good means benevolence (good will) and evil means malevolence (bad will), a Continue reading Are We Good for God?

Agency and Communion as Revealed in The Witch

(Spoiler alert—this post mentions details from the 2015 horror movie The Witch by debut director Robert Eggars.) Almost twenty years ago, my aunt Daisy, a well-known artist who sculpts with clay and other natural materials, Continue reading Agency and Communion as Revealed in The Witch