Goodbye and Hello: Happy New Year!

My work requires my undivided attention right now, but I still wanted to say something, so here goes: Goodbye yesteryear selves! Hello new us! Do you ever think about self-driven evolution? I used to call Continue reading Goodbye and Hello: Happy New Year!

A Letter to V, from R

Dear V, I feel this mounting desire to leave social media behind, though I’ve been told I need it. It feels like a spell is wearing off, and I wonder who or what will catch Continue reading A Letter to V, from R

Back to Mother

“It’s time we got back to mother,” said the mave, his low voice an added heaviness to the rough-hewn hall. Like a frayed silk cocoon, his hoary beard caught against the coarse texture of his Continue reading Back to Mother

The Secha

The Secha A sci-fi short story with a touch of horror. Available for Kindle, “The Secha” portrays a pivotal moment in the life of a captive on an alien world dominated by insects. Loyal to Continue reading The Secha

The Delay at the Crossing

It was a bone-cold morning, and Ruthie Capella felt life was simply too cruel. It had stolen from her yet another decent night’s sleep. She pulled at the railing in the subway car, hardly remembering Continue reading The Delay at the Crossing


“Where have you gone off to?” said the father, a widower, as he opened Lilly’s door. There on the bed sat Lilly, sucking on her thumb, her pink taffeta dress spread like an Elizabethan ruff. Continue reading Kitty

Upside-down Boy and the Wishing Star

The stitches were frayed only every inch or so, Josh concluded, as he picked at them with his fingernail. He wondered what it took to unstitch a car. But even that was boring. He had Continue reading Upside-down Boy and the Wishing Star