Preamble to a Reckoning

7eb9dcb5-825f-4777-99af-50fcf93bdbbf“By law, we’re all equally entitled to have and share our opinions. Quality is rare. Context matters: who’s speaking, and why.”

Who and why…

Children of war huddle in wallows, then die: “Who hates us, Mama? But why?

Who and why…

Says every paranoiac behind cupped hands: “Who’s that lurking through there?” And, “Why?”

Who and why…

The fuddled maestro sobs into his glass: “Who will ever again listen? And why?

Who and why…

Whisper insurgents behind a bolted door: “Who sent you? Why did you come?”

Who and why…

Sham politicians who throw up their arms and sigh: “Who do you think I am? Do something, say you? Why should I?

Who and why…

Though calamity and distress, no indictment, no redress—all tuck tail at the plaintive cry of Who?… and Why?

Colored lines covering an imaginary face with expression of pain and agony.

4 Replies to “Preamble to a Reckoning”

  1. I love this Dawn!!! It’s dark and melancholy in a beautifully fascinating way. I read it several times. The repetition of “who” and “why” applied to so many contrasting situations really works! Nicely done! 🙂

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