Hexagons, Death, and Tea

I’ve been watching The Code again (Netflix) hosted by Marcus du Sautoy. When he talked about imaginary numbers, how they’ve been integral to describing the nature of dark energy, this question came to me: What Continue reading Hexagons, Death, and Tea

The Lunacy of Time

Dear Sirs and Madam: Here I’ve been, curled up on the couch, spying on the lawn, admiring the bushes and trees. What you might expect. Yes, it’s the same yard where the robin incident occurred, Continue reading The Lunacy of Time

Colonize Mars!

If I remember correctly, it was a physics experiment to demonstrate evaporation. The experimenter placed same-sized balls in a round pan until they covered the bottom. Then, he applied mechanical energy to the pan in Continue reading Colonize Mars!

Ex Machina—What Went Wrong With AI

Spoiler Alert: My comments relate to the recently released movie Ex Machina. I wanted to write briefly about my thoughts concerning the problems with AI as it was presented in Ex Machina. I have to Continue reading Ex Machina—What Went Wrong With AI

What I Was Thinking In The Shower

I’m a dreamer and a worrier. And also a smatterer. Probably not an expert at anything. Now that that’s settled, below are some topics that interest me, and I’m going to talk about them in Continue reading What I Was Thinking In The Shower